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By default, videos in Kaltura cannot be downloaded by users.  If you want someone to be able to download your videos, follow the directions below. Note that videos that are closed captions will be downloaded without captions. The captions can be downloaded separately as a text file.

  1. Access your course in Canvas
  2. Either create or upload your video to My Media
  3. To the right of a particular video you want to make downloadable, click the Edit (pencil icon) button
  4. Select the Downloads tab
  5. Select the Available formats checkbox of the download
    Choose the available formats
    1. Mobile: For tablet or Smartphone
    2. HD: High Definition version of the video
    3. Source: Source video file
  6. Click Save
  7. In the course navigation, click the Media Gallery link
  8. Click Add media
  9. Scroll to find the video you just updated and select the checkbox to the left of the video
  10. Scroll up the top of the page and click Publish
  11. You see a message All media was published successfully. The video is added to your published selections
  12. When students click your video in the Media Gallery, a Details drop down is displayed. Click the Details drop down
  13. Download option will now be displayed. Click on Download
  14. When students click Download, the area expands to display the options you chose. Students need to click the Download icon to download the video

    If you do not see any options for download, go back to Step 5 and select all options available. You should always be able to download the Source video.

  15. The captions for the video will not be part of the downloaded video
  16. To get the captions as a text file, click Download 
  17. Choose Attachments
    Attachment captions text file
  18. Under the Actions column, click the download icon to download the caption text file
    Download the captions file

Download from Media Gallery

The Download option is only available to students in the Media Gallery. While you can still add your video to a specific area of the course, if you want students to be able to download it you need to include that information in the description. Alternately, you can add a course link that takes them directly to the Media Gallery. If the video was closed captioned, the captions will not appear on the video.

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