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You can create a cross-listed or combined course if you are the instructor in all sections. If you are NOT the instructor in all sections, have your co-worker add you to their course. Log into Canvas and accept the course invitation. Once you are added, you can create the combined course

  1. Open the Canvas Cross-List Form
  2. The information page is displayed. Click Start

  3. All the courses you are teaching this semester are displayed
  4. Choose the courses you want combined by selecting the appropriate check boxes
  5. In the Cross-listed course name text box, type the new name for the course. You can leave this text box blank and Canvas will create the default name of yearxx-Term-Subject code-number-section:Subject code-number-section_Combined; where year is the current year, xx is the term specifier. The Term is written out as Fall yearxx, Spring yearxx, First Summer yearxx, Second Summer yearxx. In this example, we are keeping the default name
  6. Click Next
  7. An overview of the courses to be combined is displayed. Click Submit
  8. The combined course is created and the course name is displayed

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