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The video linked here provides an overview of Kaltura Video Analytics option:

  1. In your Canvas course, click the My Media link in the course navigation
    Click on the My Media link in the course navigation
  2. Once in My Media, click the name of the target video to open (or click on the video itself)
    Click the name of the video to open
  3. In the Actions drop-down list, select Analytics
    Click on Actions to select the Analytics option
  4. The Analytics Dashboard page is displayed
    Analytics Dashboard is displayed
    1. Users can choose specific date ranges (1) to filter or compare with another period
    2. Select dates between Last and Current Dates (2)
    3. Click Apply (3) to finalize your date ranges
  5. Each video displays the number of times students have played the video
    User views of a video over a date range
    1. The User Engagement area displays how many times students have played/viewed/completed the video
  6. The Unique Authenticated Views area shows student views over the date range chosen
    Unique views over time
  7. Click the View Engagement Per User drop-down to see the player impressions and average completion per user (unique views)
    Show the Engagement Per User views
  8. Click the Video Performance over time option to see number of plays to the average drop-off rate
    Video performance over time option
  9. Click View Details option to see more player impression details (Dates, Users, & Playback Context)
    View further viewing details
  10. How Player Impressions leads to Engagement option
    Player impressions and engagement
  11. User Locations and the devices used are features in the analytics information
    User Location and their devices used
  12. The Top Domains (URL) that users used to access the video is captured in the analytics
    Top domains link

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