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There are several factors that affect student engagement in online instructional videos

  1. Shorter videos are more engaging (4-6 minutes) 
  2. Video engagement is important - speak directly to your students in your presentation
  3. Use your voice to bring excitement, interest, and understanding of the content
  4. Be concise - use a script to guide your presentation - reduces cognitive load for learning
  5. Show yourself periodically in the video speaking to your students (supports engagement)
  6. Utilize screen capture or writing content (facilitating the learning)
  7. Recorded classroom lectures (30 mins - 1 hour) should be chunked (broken up into several videos) for clarity and engagement
  8. Don't use video to lecture to your student; utilize tutorials or case studies to engage them on the content
  9. Utilize other content (videos, text, audio, simulation, case studies) in support of your video for clarity and understanding

  1. Record a Multi-Source Presentation
    1. Click on the Screen drop downs to select your recording sources (full screen, select areas, web-camera, etc.) 

      Kaltura Capture Video Recorder

    2. Select the number of screen sources you intend to use (up to two) - one should be the screen displaying your presentation, a second source could be a web-camera or another screen source

      MAC Users!

      When using the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder on a Mac, you can only choose one camera

      Audio option on Kaltura Video Recorder

    3. Select the Audio source
    4. Click Record. A 3 second countdown is displayed and the recording begins

    5. Click the  Pencil Icon to activate the drawing tools. The drawing tools can be used to draw freely on the screen during the recording. You can stress important points by drawing a circle around them, or highlight important aspects

      Kaltura Capture drawing tools

    6. Click the large X when you are finished recording the presentation
       Kaltura Capture recording bar

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