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To update some personal information in Banner, you will be required to verify your identity using your alternate email or phone number. If you do not have any alternate verification methods on file, please contact the OneIT Service Desk at 704-687-5500.

Employees and students can set up their new direct deposit information or edit their existing bank account information through My Charlotte as follows: 

  1. Log in to using your NinerNet Username and password
  2. Click the Banner Self Service essential icon
    My UNCC employee esentials icons

    Note to students

    Click on your Direct Deposit message in the Student Account Block, select Direct Deposit Enrollment, and skip to step 5 of this FAQ.

  3. Select Employee Information
    Banner self service personal information menu screenshot
  4. Select Pay Information
    Banner self service employee information menu screenshot
  5. Select Direct Deposit Enrollment and Changes
    Banner self service pay information menu screenshot
  6. Read and select the Continue button to agree to the enrollment terms and conditions
  7. Verify your identity by selecting a delivery method (either your cell phone or personal non-uncc email address) and select Send
    verify your identity screenshot

  8. Enter the Identification Code you received via Phone/Email in the text box provided and select the Continue button
    authenticate screen

  9. Follow the instructions on the enrollment and change screen to add your bank account information (or edit the existing bank account information)

  10. Select Add Account button to complete enrollment or the Save Changes button to update existing bank account information

  11. Select the Exit option toward the top left of the screen


Enrollment in the University’s direct deposit program is mandatory for all University employees. For more information, view University Policy 602.1, Direct Deposit of Pay.


Make sure your personal (non-uncc) mailing address and phone number are current in Banner by following these FAQ instructions. 

Contact Information

Email if you have difficulty (For security reasons, DO NOT include your bank information).

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