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When you change your NinerNET password and then use a university-owned and managed Mac computer, your NinerNET password will not be the same as the local computer password. The passwords will need to be synced. This FAQ describes that process. 

  1. When you see this screen, enter your NinerNET credentials:
    NinerNET credential login box
  2. You will be prompted to verify your NinerNET (Active Directory) password and your Mac computer password.  The screen will ask you for your Active Directory password which is your NinerNET password
    password sync screen
  3. Click Verify
  4. Once both passwords are entered correctly, you will see a confirmation screen that your passwords are now synced to your NinerNET password. 

  5. The next time you log into the Mac, your computer password will be the same as your NinerNET password.

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