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IMPORTANT: ALEKS uses a different Respondus LockDown Browser than what is used at UNC-Charlotte. You must install this version of LockDown Browser in order to successfully take ALEKS assessments. A shortcut will NOT be installed on your desktop. To take an ALEKS assessment, log into McGraw-Hill ALEKS, go to the assessment page, click the quiz name, and click the Get Started button. It will take 10 - 15 minutes to install and test the LockDown Browser setup

  1. Access the appropriate ALEKS login page. Someone from the Mathematics department or your instructor can help you find the correct login page
  2. The UNC-Charlotte Single Sign-On page is displayed. Enter your NinerNET username and password
  3. You will be directed to the appropriate ALEKS quiz
  4. The type of Respondus LockDown Browser needed is displayed. Click GET STARTED
  5. Click the Download LockDown Browser link. The ALEKS LockDown Browser page is displayed
  6. In the Download area, select the type of computer you are downloading to; Windows, Mac, or iPad App
  7. In your Downloads folder, double-click the downloaded file to open the installation. 
  8. If necessary, double-click the pkg file to start the installation
  9. In the Install LockDown Browser OEM dialog box, click Continue
  10. In the Welcome to the LockDown Browser OEM Installer dialog box, click Continue
  11. In the Select a Destination, choose where you want to install the program and click Continue
  12. In the Standard Install page, verify you have enough room for the installation and click Install
  13. You may need to enter the user name and password you use for your computer to install programs and click Continue
  14. On the Installation Successful page, click Close

  15. If you are prompted, click Move to Trash to move the LockDown Browser OEM to the trash
  16. In the Check your Setup & Installation area, click the Respondus Monitor (Webcam) link
  17. The program is verified as installed on the ALEKS page. Click Open LockDown Browser OEM to test that Respondus Monitor will work on your system
  18. If you are prompted, click OK to enable Respondus Monitor to access your webcam
  19. If you have open programs, click Close Applications to have Respondus close them
  20. On the Terms of Use page, click Agree

  21. On the WebCam Check page, if you see your image, click Yes

  22. Click Record Five Second Video
  23. Play the video and click Continue if the video recorded properly
  24. Read any additional instructions about the quiz and click Continue
  25. Read the first guideline and click Next
  26. Read the second guideline and click Next

  27. Read the third guideline and click Next

  28. Read the fourth guideline and click Next

  29. Read the fifth guideline and click Next
  30. Take a photo of yourself and click Continue

  31. Click Take Picture to record your identification card
  32. To record your workspace, click Start Recording
  33. When you are finished recording, click Stop Recording and review the recording

  34. If you get the green thumbs up icon on the Facial Detection Check, click Continue

  35. if this were a quiz in your course, you would be able to click Begin Exam

  36. Since this is not a quiz but just a test of your system, you can close the window

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