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JAMF is used to manage university Macs. Sometimes devices need to have manual action in JAMF because of a problem. If devices are not in JAMF, they do not meet the Guideline for Security of Endpoints creating a security risk.

To manually renew a university computer for JAMF:

  1. Search and launch Self Service
  2. In the Featured category, click Renew
    Self Service Renew
  3. After a few seconds, you will see the following dialogue box - click Proceed
    Certificate Renewal Proceed

  4.  You will see the following Note regarding multiple alerts you will see during the process - click OK
    Note Prompt
  5. You will be shown the following instructions - click Let's Begin
    How to Renew 1How to Renew 2How to Renew 3
  6. After approx. 20 seconds, the Device Enrollment box will open in the upper right of your screen - when it appears, click it
    Device Enrollment
  7. In the Allow Device Enrollment prompt, click Allow
    Allow Device Enrollment
  8. In the following prompt, enter your NinerNET password and click Enroll
    Enter NinerNET password
  9. You will see a series of boxes and a Checking Status timer while the enrollment completes - when complete, click OK on the Success! prompt
    Installation Success
  10. If there were problems with the renewal, you will see the following message - contact the IT Service Desk
    Renewal Failure Message

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