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Interim assignments are only activated if there is a vacant position or no position entered in the primary role assignment. Primary role assignments and Interim assignments must be permanent employee positions.

Temporary assignments override all primary and interim role assignments and are only applicable when temporary employees are in PATH roles.

Interim assignments

  1. In go to Dashboard > Role Assignments
  2. For the desired role assignment, click “Search for Interim” under the “Interim Assignment” column
  3. Find the correct position number (either by position number or by the name of the employee currently in that position). Click Save.
  4. Click the Save Assignments button.

Temporary assignments

  1. Go to Dashboard > Role Assignments
  2. Click the “Add Temporary Assignment” icon in the far right-hand column Add Temporary Assignment icon
  3. Find the correct employee. Click Save.
  4. Click the Save Assignments button.

Interim and Temporary Assignments must be removed manually when no longer applicable.

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