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  1. Using any browser enter
  2. Enter your NinerNet credentials when prompted.

  3. The Home screen will display, as shown below:

4. From the Home screen, click the icon for the app you need to access. For the document upload feature, click Capture.

5. Click the dropdown in the top left corner and select the appropriate capture application plan based on the type of document you are uploading and the desired destination (leave as is if you only have one option). The options available to you will vary based on your security rights. You may only have one option and not need to make a change.

Plans with “Processing” in the name will result in document routing to workflow for processor action.

Plans with “Document” in the name will be automatically archived in the related drawer.

NOTE:  If you do not currently have access to any capture application plans, but have a need for one, please submit a Help Desk ticket to request that one be created.

6. After the appropriate application plan is selected, click on the paper image in the center of the screen.

7. A pop-up box will display, as shown below. Select File and then click the Done button in order to initiate file selection for upload.

8. A new pop-up box will display, as shown below. Click the Browse button and select your desired upload file(s) or use drag and drop, then select the Done button.

9. A preview of your first attached file will appear in the center of the screen with thumbnails for other uploaded files being available for selection on the left side of the screen. If thumbnails are not displayed, click the related icon in the top right corner to toggle them on.

NOTE:  Some image types such as docx, tif and csv will not preview in the center of the screen, but will upload successfully into the system.  Based on testing, the pdf and jpg formats will preview.

10. Update the Document Properties and Custom Properties (if available) on the right side of the screen. Be sure any drop-down selections such as for Document Type are appropriately updated. If properties are not displayed, click the related icon in the top right corner to turn them on.

11. Once the required images and properties are updated, click the Save button at the top of the screen to complete your upload. Error messages will display if any required property fields are missing or invalid so that you can make necessary updates. The following message will appear once submission is successfully completed: 

12. If at any point in the capture process you need to start over click the Reset button to return to the initial Capture screen.

13. Click in the top left corner to return to the Home screen.

14. Click the Documents button to navigate to the Documents view. 

15. Scroll down to locate the view for the drawer that you added your document into.

16. Either click beside the view name so that you can see and select available filters for use or click the view name. 

17. If using a filter, enter any required prompt information (if applicable) and click the OK button to generate search results in the right pane. If not using a filter, click within the Search box at the top of the screen, enter desired search criteria, click Add button and then click Search button.

18. Once you have located your document in the right pane, click it once to open it.

Note:  Use the thumbnails icon in the top right corner to hide or show attachments.

            Use the properties icon to hide or show the custom properties in the top right corner.

19. After confirming that your document was captured successfully click in the top left to return to the Documents views to locate additional documents. Once you have viewed all of your captured documents, click in the top left corner to return to the Home screen.

20. On the Home screen, click your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen and then click the Disconnect button to close your session.

  • Accessible using any browser at
  • If you are testing, use
  • Use of Java is not required
  • Recommended for users who:
    • Do not need to scan or ImageNow Print files into Perceptive Content
    • Do not need to update document keys using linking to university systems such as Banner
    • Do not need to immediately associate a folder with the uploaded document
  • Alternative document upload method into processing queues (based on user access rights)
  • Alternative document upload method directly into drawers you manage (based on user access rights)

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