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  1. To get started, go to from any browser
  2. The Login screen will display, as shown below: 


  3. Login using your NinerNET credentials and click the Log In button

  4. Once logged into the application, a screen will display all Experience Content Apps on the main Home page 

  5. Click on the Workflow Content App from the Home screen

  6. Once in Workflow Processes, select the appropriate Processing Queue from the left navigation panel
  7.  A list of documents (based on your access) will display, as shown below: 

  8. To view the document, click on the appropriate line item

  9. Perform your due diligence and process the document according to your departmental procedures

  10. Once the document is open, you can export, print or email and save the document file locally, using these icons  

  11. Press the back button to exit the document and return to the previous list

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