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  1. Q. Are plans of study available for each major concentration?

    A. Yes, the plans of study at the following link are designed for students to copy and past into their own worksheet, and adapt as needed.  https://cci.uncc.edu/student-life/cci-advising-center/undergraduate-cs-concentrations-and-degree-plans-study

    Q. What are some types of jobs I can do with specific concentrations?

    A. The University Career Center has created a guide that can be found here:  https://cci.uncc.edu/student-life/cci-advising-center/undergraduate-cs-concentrations-and-degree-plans-study

    Q. When do I change or confirm my desired plan of study?

    A. You will be sent a request to confirm or change your desired plan of study after you complete ITSC 2214 (Data Structures)

    Q. How do I monitor my progress through the degree?

    A. Degree Works is the most helpful resource for this.  Your primary major advisor can assist you in planning and offer guidance.

    Q. Can I change my concentration more than once?

    A. Yes, you may request a change to your concentration in consultation with your primary major advisor.

    Q. What does Catalog Year mean?

    A. The Undergraduate Catalog is the official document outlining policies, procedures, and degree requirements for all undergraduate students.  Your term of entry is normally your "Catalog Year," and you must meet degree requirements stated for that year.  Advisor assistance is recommended if questions arise regarding clarification of Catalog Year requirements, and possibility of moving Catalog Year forward.

    Q. What are Elective Courses in Outside Disciplines I see on my Degree Works audit?

    A. Students in 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog requirements (see Catalog Term/Catalog Year) or later will need any combination of 15 credits of non ITSC/ITCS/ITIS/BINF electives to satisfy this requirement.  Students in previous Catalog years have an Elective Courses Outside Concentration requirement, and should consult with their advisor if unsure how to complete this requirement.