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Yes! Instructors have the ability to add users to their session rosters. Follow the steps below to learn how to add users to your roster.

Note: If a user attends a session without registering first, you must add them to your roster BEFORE completing your attendance and submitting your roster. This is to ensure they receive credit on their completed transcript.

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  1. View your session Roster.
  2. Once you are on your session roster page, click Add Users.
  3. Result: The Select User page will display. Complete the Last Name and First Name fields with the learners name. Click Search.
  4. Result: Search Results of users with that name will display as a list. Click the Plus Symbol in front of the user name that you are adding to your roster.
  5. Result: The users name will display under Selected User. Click DoneNote: You can remove the user by clicking the trash can icon if you have selected the incorrect name.
  6. Result: The user name will now appear on the main page under Users. Click the button Add Pending Users to Roster as pictured below. 

  7. The user you have jus added will now display on that session roster.

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