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The ability to install a zoom marketplace app is turned off by default to best secure the Zoom environment.  A few apps have been enabled. Additional requests are reviewed on a regular basis by Zoom Admins; Zoom Admins partner with OneIT Security team to review these requests. They look at cost, level of access, data privacy, terms and conditions and whether or not the additional functionality is redundant to another service that already exisits.

Zoom Marketplace lists apps that can integrate with Zoom and enhance your experience using the software.  Users can search for different categories of apps and install them from the marketplace.  

  1. Navigate to and Sign In
  2. After performing a search, click the app icon to select it 
  3. Click Request to install

  4. If you see the Request pre-approve option, a Zoom Admin needs to approve the app before it can be installed. 
  5. When reviewing requests, Zoom admins review access, cost, data privacy, reviews and terms and conditions.
    1. Apps that need access for all accounts, cost money, relate to video conferencing or are otherwise redundant will typically be denied

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