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The following instructions are for employees that no longer have active roles with the University.  This process will not apply to former employees that are current students or have moved to other departments.  Please contact the IT Service Desk for more information.

  1. Submit the Supervisor Request Form- making sure to answer all questions on the formContact the IT Service Desk to request the transfer of files - you will need to provide...
  2. Name & NinerNET username of departed employee
  3. Name & NinerNET username of supervisor of departed employee who should become owner of files

    All of the departed employee's Google Drive will be transferred.

  4. Google administrators will initiate transfer - on completion, the supervisor will receive an email from Google
  5. Supervisor will need to do the following to remove former employee's access to files...
    1. In Drive, search for to:<departedemployeeusername> owner:me (Note:  replace the text between the <> with the actual username of the separated employee)
    2. Select all search results
    3. Click Share button in upper right
    4. Remove access rights for departed employee
    5. Click Save