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Delegate generic Gmail accounts have associated Google Groups for the management of account delegates.  The Google Group will be in the format delegate-<EMAIL USERNAME>-group

These Google Groups should be used solely for the management of delegates for generic delegated Gmail accounts.  Google Groups needed for other purposes should be requested here.

Faculty and staff delegates can add members to the associated Google Groups to become generic account delegates.

Primary Google account will remain; when delegate so new accounts are created will be stamped with an alias will also be applied address.

  1. Go to when logged into your University Gmail account
  2. Under My Groups, find and click the Google Group for the delegated account you need to manage
    Google Group for Delegated Gmail Account


    When first accessing a Google Group, you will begin on Conversations (see image in step #3).  Google Groups created for the purpose of managing delegates to generic Gmail accounts have had email functionality disabled.  Disregard this message...
    Google Group Email Disabled

  3. On the bottom left, click Members
    Google Group Members
  4. Do the following to add / remove delegates

    Add DelegatesRemove Delegates
    1. Click the Add Members button
      Google Group Add Members
    2. Type the email address of the person you want to add into either the:
      1. Group members (Delegated access to generic email account only) or
      2. Group managers (Delegated access to generic email account and have the ability to manage the Google Group)
        Google Group add members or managers
        NOTE:  For consistency in Google Group permissions, do not add accounts to Group Owners 
      3. Click Add members

    1. Click the person you want to remove - they will have a blue check next to their name
    2. In the upper right corner, click the Remove member button
      Google Group Remove Member
    3. Click OK to complete removal
      Confirm Removal

    NOTE:  Additions/removals of delegates to the Google Group may take up to 1 hour to update into the delegated email account.
  5. Contact the IT Service Desk at 704-687-5500 or if additional assistance is needed