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titleCorona Virus Operating Conditions 2020

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol

- Windows) or VNC (Virtual Network Computing - Mac

) allows for the secure, remote connection of one computer to another.  Under certain emergency conditions*, when access to on-campus resources is unavailable, RDP


permissions may be granted. 



approvals will be temporary and not guaranteed after emergency conditions have passed and can only be initiated from a university


device. Personal devices cannot be used for this connection

.NOTE: The use of RDP/VNC carries with it greater security risks than other methods of remote access. Therefore, additional reviews and approvals are required


*emergency conditions not typically weather related


Requests will only be considered when:

  • A critical business operation is restricted to a particular on-campus managed workstation. See Guideline for the Security of Endpoints.
  • A specialized software/application is only available on a particular on-campus workstation
  • A specific research task (data set operation) is only available on a particular on-campus workstation

RDP/VNC connections are only permitted from one university managed device to another university managed device. Personally owned devices should not be used for RDP/VNC connections to on-campus university workstations