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Flipgrid is a video discussion platform that makes teaching and learning more personal, fun, and engaging to your students. Flipgrid is now a part of Microsoft, and just like Office 365, Flipgrid is now free for all educators and students. Whether students are working on personalized goals or differentiated activities to foster growth, as faculty you can provide opportunities for students to capture understanding of the course material and allow their thinking to be visible using Flipgrid.

As an instructor, you will post a discussion prompt or question to which your students will respond in video format. You and the other students and your class will be able to send responses via video as a way to virtually create a face-to-face discussion. 

The following FAQs have been created to help you navigate Flipgrid. Below are the current options:FlipGrid: 

  1. Flipgrid must be manually added on to your Canvas course 
    1. Click this link to learn how to add Flipgrid to your Canvas course 
  2. Once Flipgrid is integrated to your Canvas course, you can create an Assignment via the Assignments tab in Canvas 
    1. Click this link for step-by-step guide on creating a Flipgrid Assignment 
  3. Flipgrid uses it's own lingo 
    1. Click this link to learn about Flipgrid vocab Flipgrid terminology 
  4. Flipgrid has Topics that act similar to Assignments 
    1. Click this link to learn how to create a Flipgrid topic 
  5. Each topic has the option for a Topic Focus or an image/video that may help with submissions 
    1. Click this link to learn how to create a Topic Focus 
  6. Canvas' SpeedGrader can be easily used to grade Flipgrid submissions 
    1. Click this link to learn how to grade Flipgrid submissions 
  7. Flipgrid can "look" and "feel" quite differently between student and teacher views 
    1. Click this link to see how Flipgrid works from a student's perspective 
  8. You may want to share some helpful editing tips with your students 
    1. Click here to learn about Flipgrid's editing capabilities for student submissions