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  1. In your course, click the Assignments link
  2. Click Add Assignment. The Create new page is displayed
  3. In the Assignment Name text box, type the name of your assignment
  4. In the text box, type the assignment directions
  5. In the Points text box, type the highest grade students can receive
  6. In the Assignment Group drop-down list, select the group that the assignment will be a part of
  7. In the Submission Type drop-down list, select Online


    SimCheck only processes 1 file per submission. If students need to upload more than 1 file, you must create separate assignments for each upload

  8. In the Online Entry Options area, select the type of submission
  9. In the Plagiarism Review drop-down list, select SimCheck. The plagiarism options are displayed
  10. Specify whether or not you want to exclude the Bibliography and Quotes when the report is generated
  11. Specify whether or not you want to save student submission files in the UNC Charlotte Turnitin library
  12. Specify when to display the originality report to students, your choices are Immediately, After the assignment is graded,  After the due date, or Never
  13. Select the due date and the available from dates
  14. Save and publish the assignment

    titleStudent Error

    The following is displayed when students miss the assignment due date and time. You need to reopen the assignment for the student if you want them to submit their work
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