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  1. The exact steps will vary depending on what version of Office you are using
  2. In general, open the application, go to the Insert menu, click on Office Add-ins
    image of Office add-ins
  3. A pop up window will open which shows the Store
    Image of Office Store
  4. These add-ins are created by 3rd party vendors.
  5. Most add-ons will ask you to agree to these terms and conditions. If you are not comfortable doing this you won't be able to use the plug-in.
    image of terms and conditions
  6. The university does not support 3rd party add-ins; please work with the vendor directly.


Be careful of 3rd party apps. Look at the reviews before installing them. The add-ins are developed by 3rd party vendors. The University has no responsibility for what they do with your data.