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  1. There are two options for who can respond to a Poll Everywhere question; Restrict to registered participants only or Everyone - no restrictions.
    1. After creating a poll question, you can select the desired option under the Audience restriction & identity > Everyone - no restrictions / Restrict to registered participants only.

  2. Restrict to registered participants only:
    1. This option is selected by default and requires respondents to have a Poll Everywhere account.
    2. This option is best for polls used during a UNC Charlotte class.
  3. Everyone - no restrictions:
    1. This option doesn't require a Poll Everywhere account and allows responses from those who don't have a Poll Everywhere account.
    2. This option should only be used for polling not related to a course.  This could be conferences or other open sessions.
    3. This option will still display names for those who respond under their Poll Everywhere account.  You can disable this by also selecting to make the poll(s) completely anonymous.
    4. NOTE: If a question is set to allow anonymous responses, that setting can't be undone. If you decide to track responses later, a new question will need to be created with the 'registered name and email' option selected.


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