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If you would like to use Poll Everywhere for group work or competitions, you will need to use the Segmentation feature.

  1. Login to Poll Everywhere

  2. Enter your polls into a group by selecting them


    You may also drag questions into a preexisting group by hovering over the far-left of a poll and moving it by holding the three white lines

  3. Click the the  New Group button on the top menubar
    Image RemovedHover over the title of your new group and click the Rename option on the right
    Image RemovedImage Added
  4. A Create new group box will appear so that you may name the group to differentiate from others 
    Image Added
  5. Make the first question a Multiple choice group identification poll 


    If you are using a pre-existing group, create the question and then drag it into the top of the group

  6. Enter in the title and team names

  7. Click the blue Create button in the bottom-right to finish

  8. Set each question in the group to enable Segmentation
  9. Return to the Polls tab
  10. Begin by opening the first question poll in your group


    Do not enable segmentation on the poll you designed for establishing groups

  11. Select the paintbrush icon paint can icon to open Visual settings
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  12. Next to Segment responses, click the Enable button
  13. In the dropdown, select the name of the poll in which you established the distinct groups
  14. Proceed to enable Segmentation and select the same poll where you established the groups for the particular poll questions
  15. Return to the Polls tab
  16. Run the poll from the beginning of the group
  17. Once you reach the second poll, your student's results will display by groups
  18. To conduct a report on the Segmented polls, follow the steps as usual