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Starting May 27, 2023, you employees will see the changes referenced below. Faculty and Students will see this change September 16, 2023.

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Banner Self Service will be updating on May 27, 2023 to provide a more user friendly interface. This update also introduces the new 'four square' navigation button that allows you to locate additional self service tools not on the Employee Dashboard.

titleNavigation Tip

Use the 'four square' navigation button found at the top of pages such as Web Time Entry and the Employee Dashboard to easily navigate back to the Banner Self Service menu.

A list of self service tools that can only be found by using the 'four square' navigation button is provided on the Where can I find self service tools that are not on my Employee Dashboard? FAQ page.

  1. The 'four square' navigation button is found at the top left of pages such as the Employee Dashboard and Web Time Entry.
    four square button
  2. Click the 'four square' navigation button to open the Banner navigation menu:

    banner top level menu

  3. Click on Banner or the > icon next to it to display all navigation options:

    banner menu open to show self service areas


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