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1. Log into your website (

2. Using the site manager toolbar at the top of the page, navigate to Create content >  Basic Page.



3. Give your page a Title and add Body copy.


4. Type and highlight the desired link text.


Please keep the link text contextual. DO NOT use “Click here” or “Read more”. As in: “To fill out our Graduate School Application, click here” where “click here” is the link.  Instead describe what the link will open with the link text. For example: “Fill out our Graduate School Application”, where “Graduate School Application” is the link. The goal is to make the link and link text be understood even if the link is the only item that is read on the page by a screen reader.

5. Click on the Link icon   Link icon.jpg
   The Link window opens.

Link Window.jpg

6. Choose the desired Link Type from the dropdown menu. You may choose from URL, Link to an anchor in the text, or Email Link.

Link to a URL

Link to a Webpage

  1. Enter the desired URL in the URL field (see figure 4).

  2. If the URL links to any site other than a site on the domain, click the Target tab and choose New Window.

  3. Click OK.

Link to a document

  1. Click on Browse Server 

    The File Browser opens.

    browse server.jpg

  2. If the file is already on the server, then navigate to the file and double click.

  3. If the file is not on the server, then click Upload (a.).

  4. Browse your computer for the desired file (b.)

  5. Click Upload (c.)

  6. Double click on the uploaded file.

  7. Click OK.

Open in a new window

  1. Click on the Target tab.

  2. Select New Window (_blank).
  3. Click OK.
  1. Click on the Email option in the drop down menu.
    The Email Link window opens.

    Email link.jpg

  2. Enter the desired Email Address.

  3. Enter the desired Subject (optional).

    email link window.jpg

  4. Click OK.
    The Email link is created.

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