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  1. Open your web browser and go to

  2. Select BANPROD located under the Banner 9 Admin Pages area and log in
  3. Enter FOIDOCH (Document History) in the search field

  4. In the Document Type field, enter the appropriate type or select from the triple dot menu (if researching a check disbursement, enter document type "CHK")

  5. If you know the check number, enter it in the Document Code field and Alt + Page Down or select the Go button Banner 9 Go button
    Banner 9 FOIDOCH query setup screen

  6. If there is an "F" in the status, it has cleared the bank statement (updated monthly)  

    Banner 9 FOIDOCH check query result screen


    Core banking (accessible to the General Accounting staff) is updated every day as checks clear and can provide copies of the front and back of a check. Email requests to the GeneralAccounting@uncc

  7. If you do not know the check number, go to FAIVNDH (Vendor Detail History)

    1. Enter the vendor id number or click on the triple dots next to the Vendor field and select Entity Name/ID Search (FTIIDEN)
      faivndh main screen Banner 9

    2. In the DETAILS area, select Last Name from the Add Another Field drop-down menu
      FAIVNDH vendor name search in Banner 9

    3. Add any part of the vendor's name and press F8 to execute the query


      This information is case sensitive

    4. Double-click on the correct vendor name
    5. Alt + Page Down or select Go
    6. A list of check numbers appears on the far right-hand side of the screen
    7. Close this form by clicking on the "X" in the left-hand corner or Ctrl + Q and go to step 3