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  • This block summarizes the overall requirements and can direct you to areas that have unmet requirements
  • The dark green bar shows "Credits Applied."  Credits applied = Credits earned + Credits they have registered for. Credits Applied is commonly mistaken for credits earned
  • Look for open boxes on the left side of the audit to help determine what is missing

Degree Progress BarProgress Bar, Common Issues

98% - Correct Pre-Graduation percentage, will reflect 100% upon successful completing of final coursework.


100% - Student has completed all requirements and needs to apply for graduation. Students may also be in the Early Entry program or Double majoring and may have remaining coursework in those areas.

Bachelor of Science/Arts Section

A summary block. This displays the overall requirements for graduation.

General Education Section

Lists remaining General Education Requirements

Common issue: Communication Skills Section - All Computer Science students take ITSC 3688 and ENGL 2116 which completes the Communication Skills requirements. Students do not have to look for additional courses to meet these requirements

Major in Computer Science Section

Displays Core Major courses and Core Math Courses. This section will look different if the student is pursuing the BA or BS degree. This section can also be slightly different depending on the catalog year.

Concentration Section

All students start out in default concentrations depending on the degree they are pursuing: BA - Information Technology, BS - Software, Systems, and Networking. Students will be allowed to change concentrations after successful completion of ITSC 2214.

(Possible) Additional Sections:

CCI Elective Courses in Outside Disciplines - Student needs to take free electives

Minor - Minor block will appear if student officially declares a minor

Honor's - Honor's program block will appear if student is participating in the Honor's program