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Q. Should I change my Catalog Year (Students in Catalog years previous to 2020)?

Every student initially is assigned to the catalog year in which student first enrolls. Your catalog is essentially the "rules" you have to follow to graduate.

Elective courses that are outside of concentration requirements for the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Computer Science have changed for the 2020-2021 Catalog year.


Remember, the Outside Concentration was defined as a specific set of 15 credit hours, second major, a minor, or the "Business Option." A detailed description of the new Catalog requirement can be found here

Also remember, 120 credit hours must be earned to graduate from UNC Charlotte.

You may assess your progress through the outside concentration requirement for your current Catalog year by reviewing your Degree Works audit. Be sure that if you use the "what if" function you include your current Catalog, and then compare that audit to the 2020current 2022-2021 2023 requirements. Consult your primary advisor if you are unsure about making the change.

The 2020-2021 curriculum requirements and beyond do not allow for "D" grades to be counted in the Computer Science core. You may choose to advance your Catalog requirements, if preferred, by completing this Google Form.

*Note* The Office of the Registrar can move Catalog years forward but not back to your previous requirements.