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When Creating a New Form...

  1. Navigate to the UNC Charlotte Google Forms Template Gallery (Note - you will need to be logged into your university Google account)
    UNC Charlotte Form Template
  2. Click on the “UNC Charlotte Base Template” to copy the template into a new form

When Using an Existing Form...

To update an existing Google Form to use the UNC Charlotte template, you will need to manually customize your form header image and theme color.

  1. Download header image available here (Note - you will need to be logged into your university Google account)
  2. Click the Customize Theme icon in the top right of the form
    Google Form Customize Theme
  3. In the HEADER section, click Choose image and upload the image downloaded in Step #1
    Customize Theme Choose Image
  4. Under THEME COLOR click the + icon to Add custom color
    Customize Theme Choose Color
  5. Enter the HEX value #00351C and click ADD
    Customize Theme Enter HEX number
  6. Close the Theme options panel and continue editing your form


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