1. From the site manager Toolbar. Click on Edit Menus.

Figure 1

2. On the Edit Menus screen, click List Links under Main Menu.

Figure 2

2a. Alternatively, with a left sidebar main menu, hover over the gear in the top right corner and select List Links. (Do not select Edit menu or Configure block)

Figure 3

3. On the Main Menu screen, place the cursor over the compass icon next to a menu item.  Click-and-drag to reorder menu items.  

Please DO NOT uncheck menu items to disable them, click edit or delete, or rename them from this screen.  Please see: Add a Basic Page to the Menu.

Figure 4

4. Click the Save button.

this process should be followed only when reordering menu items on the same level. Do not move menu items to a different location in the menu.  Example, in Figure 4 above, you may reorder Accessibility within this existing list, but you would not want to drag Accessibility to fall under Project Timeline.  If you need to move a menu item to a different Parent Item, please follow the steps on Add a Basic Page to the menu to edit your content and choose a different parent item.  

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