If you need to link to a specific section of a different page, then you can use an anchor link. See how to Add Anchor Links

Once the Anchor is setup on the desired page, then you just have to link to it. 

  1. Go to the page where you want to link FROM. 
  2. Type the link text.
  3. Highlight the link text.
  4. Click on the link icon Link icon.jpg
  5. Leave URL selected. 
  6. Copy the URL of the page that you are linking TO.
    Link Window.jpg
  7. Amend the URL with "#nameofanchor" (no quotes), where the nameofanchor is the name given to the Anchor when you set it up. 

External Anchor Links Example

This link will take you directly to the form on the Analytics Frontiers website: https://analyticsfrontiers.uncc.edu/speakers#speakerform

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