WordPress Migration Update

At this phase of the migration, it has become increasingly difficult to create and follow an accurate migration timeline since many of the upcoming site migrations in the queue are for the largest and most complex sites. A Web Services team member will email you as soon as your migration is ready to begin.

Web Services will migrate all content in the background without any disruption to the live Drupal site. Once the content migration is complete, Web Services will email your site's primary contact and provide your team ample time to review the WordPress staging site before it's scheduled to go live.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email WebServices-group@uncc.edu.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to migrate sites as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Editing access will be removed from the live Drupal site in order to make sure content stays consistent. If you need to make minor content changes to the Drupal site during the migration, Web Services will be happy to assist you.

Web Services will import your published Drupal content into a new WordPress stage site "as is." We will make every attempt to migrate your content in a 1:1 fashion; however, some features will look and work a little differently in WordPress. We will not be doing any major redesigns or overhauls as part of the migration process. If you would like to redesign your site after the migration, please follow our standard redesign process and submit a request.

Moving the Content

  • Built-in on-site event listings and calendars have been deprecated in favor of using the campus-wide Campus Events service in order to provide a more consistent experience across campus. This service offers a widget you can embed on your site to show events in various formats. If your Drupal site is using the events functionality, Web Services encourages you to go ahead and sign up with the Campus Events site and add your events there.
  • Any article-type content (News, Blogs, etc.) will be migrated into Posts with categories for delineation.
  • Feeding content (news, images, directories, etc.) between sites has been deprecated. If you want content to appear on multiple sites, please add it to those sites individually.
  • Any documents not linked on a page will not be migrated. If you need any of these documents, please alert us when we notify you that your site migration has begun.
  • Learn more about what's changing in WordPress.

After all content is migrated, Web Services will give your Drupal site managers editing access in WordPress in order to initiate the review period. Please have someone available to review the site and provide feedback the day after the site is migrated. It is difficult to estimate how much time it will take depending on the complexity of the site but plan on 1-2 hours for review.

Once your group is happy with the site, Web Services will schedule the WordPress site to go live the following Friday.