Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Log into your website as the Site Manager (
  2. Using the Site Manager toolbar at the top of the page, navigate to Create Content > Basic Page.


  3. Give your page a Title and add Body copy.

  4. Place the cursor where you want the Table to display.
  5. Click on the Table icon .


    The fields with strikethroughs are not applicable.

  6. Enter the desired rows and columns.
  7. Enter the desired width and height.
  8. Select the appropriate Header.
  9. Select the desired alignment. This is the alignment of the entire table–not the data inside the table. 


    Left - puts the table to the left and wraps text to the right. Right - puts the table to the right and the text to the left. Center - centers the table on the page.

    Responsive Note

    Tables are generally NOT responsive. If the width is set to 500px, the table will be 500px even in on a mobile device. Therefore users may need to scroll to the left or right to see the table when using a mobile device.

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