1. Log into your website as the Site Manager (http://sitename.uncc.edu/user)

2. Using the site manager toolbar at the top of the page, navigate to Create content >  Basic Page.

Figure 1

Figure 2

3. Give your page a Title and add Body copy.

Figure 3

4. Type in the Menu link title (see Fig. 4), which is the text that corresponds to this item that should appear in the menu.

From the Parent item drop-down, select the placement for the menu item of your new page.

All Pages MUST be placed in a menu.


 Figure 4

5. Click on URL path settings and ensure Generate automatic URL alias is checked (Fig. 5).  This will give the page a logical “friendly” file path name in the URL, which matches the page title and follows the menu path.  Please do not enter a different name for the URL.


 Figure 5

6. Click on the Save button to save your changes.

Repeat this process until you have added all of the items to your Main Menu.

Theme 2 Horizontal Menu

The Tabbed theme is set to accommodate 4‐8 items in either the tabbed or banner region horizontal main menu.

Tabbed main menu

Banner region main menu

Theme 3 Horizontal Menu

The number of horizontal menu items in Theme 3 depends on how long your menu names are. If you have long menu names, you will not be able to fit as many menu items across the top.

Horizontal Menu Theme 3

Left sidebar navigation is unlimited.

Left sidebar main menu

  • If you have 1‐3 items in your main menu, you must use the vertical (left sidebar) main menu only.

  • If you have more than 8 items in your main menu, consider reorganizing the content on  your site to make it easier for the users to navigate.  See Reordering Menu Items for instructions.

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