This is frequently used for a list of links that take the user to a specific section of text on the same page. A list Frequently Asked Questions that link to corresponding answers further down the page is a good example of when to use anchor links.

Anchor Links

Before you can create a link to an anchor you have to set the anchor.

  1. Place the cursor at the desired location for the anchor--usually at the beginning of the line.

  2. Click on the Anchor icon. flag icon.jpg
    The Anchor Properties window opens.

  3. Enter the Anchor Name. 

    This should be a short, easily identifiable word or two that describe the text.  Ex: test. It is not recommended that you use numbers.

    anchor properties.jpg

  4. Click OK. 
    An anchor icon appears in the text by the cursor.

  1. Navigate to the text that you want to link to the anchor.  Highlight the text that you will link to the anchor.

  2. Click on the Link icon in the editor. Link icon.jpg

  3. Click on the Anchor Link option in the Drop Down Menu. 

  4. Click on the “By Anchor Name” drop down menu.

  5. Choose the desired Anchor Name.
    This is what you previously entered.

  6. Click OK. 
    The anchor link is created.