Your site has to have these two content types: Accordion Page and Accordion Item in order for this functionality to work.

Add Accordion Page


The accordion page is the portion of the page that shows up above the accordions. This page has the title of the page and body text if desired. If you do not want to have any text above the accordions, then add a title to the page, leave the body empty and place in the menu. 

  1. Click on Create content->Accordion Page. 
  2. Add Title.
  3. Add body text if desired.
  4. Place in menu (under menu settings).
  5. Click Save.

Add Accordion Item


The accordion items are the accordions that live below the page title and body text if any. You MUST enter an Accordion Heading and Accordion Text.

  1. Click on Create content->Accordion Item.
  2. Add Accordion Heading.
  3. Choose the Accordion Page where you want this accordion to appear.
  4. Add a list order if desired. Put a 1 if this is the first item to display. If you don't care leave at 20, then it will sort based on the Accordion Heading. 
  5. Add Accordion Text.
  6. Click Save.

Repeat as necessary. 


The accordions will automatically show up on the selected page sorted by list order.

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