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  1. Why do I have to use Duo when I only work part-time?
    Answer: Notice increasing cyber crime in the news? Stories about yet another data breach have become typical. Security research shows that passwords alone are not enough protection. Duo is PROVEN to decrease account compromises. This is why UNC Charlotte–and the entire UNC System–is starting to implement 2 factor authentication. The good news is when students use Duo, they only need to change their NinerNET password 1x per year.*
  2. OK, so why do I need to use my own smartphone?
    Answer: It's the easiest, best option. (1) It's free and (2) students have their smartphone with them most of the time. Since they are students first, they need access to university systems (e.g. Canvas, Banner) at different times, day and night. We assume students typically have their phone; that's why we recommend the mobile option. Here's a time-saving tip: Check the "Remember me for 30 days" option on the Duo prompt.
  3. My job doesn't require me to use a computer. Why do I have to use Duo?
    Answer: We don't have a way to know that. Since we don't know the exact nature of a student's work, we don't know if they use, or eventually will use, a computer. It's a risk we can't take when it comes to following recommended security best practices. Keep in mind Duo typically takes less than 20 seconds to use and students only have to change their password 1x per year.*
  4. I don't want to use my smartphone for work, are there any other options?
    Answer: You can buy a FOB. Different FOBs are available at the NinerTech store and cost between $18-$50. Students can also purchase one from a different source of their choice. It's important to purchase a FOB that works with the browser they want to use. This FAQ has more details: Another option is to go to and click the "Get Duo Code" link. After answering self-identifying questions, a passcode is given that can be used for one hour. Note: Be sure to have your UNCC student ID handy for this. 
  5. I heard you provide FOBs for full-time employees?
    Answer: Yes, but we only provide the first one. After that, it's up to them. Since students work less hours and there's higher turnover, it's not practical or financially feasible to provide FOBs, especially when students can use the recommended option (a smartphone) for free. 
  6. So I have to use Duo to work for the university?
    Answer: Yes. Being a university employee means being part of a larger community. Duo protects university data and is an online security best practice. We actually recommend using it even when they're not an employee–over 1,000 non-employee students are already voluntarily using Duo! And remember, they would only need to change their password 1x per year.
  7. Why don't I have the option to use a work phone like full-time employees?
    Answer: See question #3. Students will be prompted to use Duo, even when they are not working, which is why a work phone is not a viable option.

*unless they handle PCI data

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