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Documents processed by the University Advancement Business Office are stored electronically in Perceptive Content and automatically routed for processing by other departments, if needed, using an electronic workflow.  Questions regarding the types of documents to store and the appropriate workflow routing should be addressed to the University Advancement Business Officer.

System Access Restrictions

The ability to view items and complete actions within Perceptive Content is restricted based on approved system security access.  An FAQ on requesting access updates is available here.  Questions regarding which security group(s) will provide the access needed can be directed to

Table of Contents

Adding Documents to Workflow

University Advancement - Imaging Document Submission Form

Level 3 Data Classification Submissions

Level 3 Data can be processed in Perceptive Content.  Guidance regarding the types of data this includes are available here.

1.  Open a browser and go to the University Advancement - Imaging Document Submission (IDS) Form link to launch the form.

2.  When prompted, enter your NinerNet credentials and click Log In.

3.  The form will be displayed with the Initiator ID, Name, Date, Department and Document Type fields auto-populated.  No edits to these fields are needed.

4. If appropriate, enter the Vendor ID and Vendor Name.  These are text fields with no validation.

5.  Enter Notes in the available field if desired.

6.  Click the button to add the document that requires processing.

Attachment Tips

  • Total size of all attachments should not exceed 20mg.  
  • Attachment file names should be simple with no specials characters, e.g. JohnDoeTravelReimbursement.pdf.

7.  Click the button to route the document for processing.  A pop-up box will appear confirming submission. 

9.  Click Start New Form to initiate a new submission.

10.  Exit the form by closing the browser window.

11.  An email confirm receipt of the document will be sent to the form initiator.

Treasury Services Processor Manual Capture

Members of the security groups TS Treasury Svcs Processor and TS Treasury Svcs Supervisor can add documents to the UA Business Office workflow directly in the SAO - Cashiers Office queue.  Detailed instructions for this process are available in this FAQ.  Documents added would automatically have their drawer updated to SAO Student Accounts and be routed to GA PBR Route Queue within the FTR Process workflow.

Email Notification That Document if Ready for Processing

The UABO processors will receive an email that there are documents in the UABO Processing workflow queue, as shown in the Test example below:

Processing Documents in Workflow

1.  Open a browser and go to

2.  The Login screen will display, as shown below: 


3.  Enter your NinerNET credentials and press the Log In button.

4.  Once logged into the application, a screen will display all Experience Content Apps on the main Home page.

5.  Click on the Workflow Content App from the Home screen.

6.  Once in Workflow, select  beside the UA Business Office workflow listing to view the available queues and then click on the UABO Processing workflow queue.

7.  A list of documents will display, as shown below: 

8.  To view a document, click on the line item and the document will display.

9.  Click the icon on the top left menu to add appropriate annotations to the document.

a.  Business Officer Signature:

b.  Text Notation:

c.  Approval Stamp:

10.  Update the Document Type to one of the following options:

11. After all due diligence is complete, click the Route Forward  icon and select from the available options.

a.  Archive routes the document for retention in the UA Advancement drawer with no further processing occurring.

b.  AP - Direct Deposit updates the drawer to AP Direct Deposit routes the document for processing in the AP Direct Deposit Processing queue within the AP Direct Deposit workflow.

c.  AP - Invoices updates the drawer to AP Invoice Processing and routes the document for processing in the 1 AP Start queue within the AP Invoice Processing workflow.

d.  PCRD - Purchasing Card updates the drawer to PCRD P-card and routes the document for processing in the 1 P-Card Start queue within the PCRD Processing workflow.

e.  TCP Invoices updates the drawer to TCP Travel and Complex Payments and routes the document for processing in the 1 TCP Start queue within the TCP Invoices workflow.

f.  TCP - Vendor Setup updates the drawer to TCP Vendor Setup and routes the document for processing in the 1 TCP Vendor Start queue within the TCP Vendor Setup workflow.

g.  TS - DPR updates the drawer to TS Treasury Services and routes the document for processing in the Foundation (TS Direct Pay Request Process) queue within the TS Treasury Svcs Process.

12.  After all documents are addressed, click the icon in the top right corner of the screen and then select to disconnect from the system.

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