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Processing Fixed Tuition Waiver forms within the REG Undergrad workflow requires specific document key, custom property and folder updates as well as unique routing decisions.

System Access Restrictions

The ability to view items and complete actions within Perceptive Content is restricted based on approved system security access.  An FAQ on requesting access updates is available here.  Questions regarding which security group(s) will provide the access needed can be directed to

Table of Contents

Fixed Tuition Waiver Process Initiation

1.  When a student submits a Fixed Tuition Waiver the workflow process is initiated.

2.  The form is added to workflow in the REG eForm Entry Queue where a script is run to initiate committee review and add the document to the REG Undergrad workflow for processing.


The value entered on the form in the Waiver Term(s) text field feeds into the notification emails.  The first 6 digits display as the Term and the first 4 digits display in the decision email term description.

Fixed Tuition Waiver Committee Task

1. The script generates a task assigned to members of the REG Fixed Tuition Processor security group as well as the corresponding notification emails.

2. Each of the members of the REG Fixed Tuition Processor security group can click the task link in the individual email that they receive to add comments to the task.

3. Once comments are complete, one member of the REG Fixed Tuition Processor security group updates the Reason and clicks the Complete button to finalize the task and route the document forward in workflow.

4. Task status for a given form can be viewed by clicking the document listing within its associated folder and clicking View workflow history.  By clicking to expand the Tasks listing and clicking on the task number the current status is shown.

REG Fixed Tuition Package Workflow Processing

1. The script also creates a REG Fixed Tuition Package folder for the student, adds the form to it, and adds the folder to the REG Fixed Tuition - Email workflow queue.  Supporting documents can be added to this folder by processors using the guidance available here.


No alarm notification is in place on the REG Fixed Tuition - Email workflow queue so no email is sent to notify processors that a document is ready for review.

2. An FTW Decision is added to the custom properties of the folder by a processor.  If the request was denied then a FTW Denial Reason is also added. The folder is then routed to the REG Fixed Tuition queue.

Email Notifications

1. The outbound script on the REG Fixed Tuition - Email queue generates a receipt email to the form initiator with a copy to the committee.

2. Shortly thereafter, the script on the REG Fixed Tuition queue generates a decision email to the form initiator with a copy to the committee.



Partially Approved:

3. After notifications are complete, the folder and associated documents are automatically archived out of workflow.

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