The Post Doctoral Insurance Requests are used by to the Office of Academic Budget and Personnel to secure insurance enrollment information for Postdoctoral Fellow Appointees. 

System Access Restrictions

The ability to view items and complete actions within Perceptive Content is restricted based on approved system security access.  An FAQ on requesting access updates is available here.  Questions regarding which security group(s) will provide the access needed can be directed to

Submitting a Post Doctoral Insurance Request e-Form

Accessing the Form

  1. To get started, open a browser and go to the link, Post Doctoral Insurance Request (AA36).
  2. The University Web Authentication login screen will display, as shown below:
  3. Enter your NinerNet credentials and select the Log In button.
  4. The AABP Post Doctoral Insurance Request Form (AA-36) will display.                                                                                                                                                                   

  5. Click the or  buttons to hide or show the instructions.

Completing the Form

  1. The Preparer ID (800#) and Name will automatically be displayed. 
  2. Enter the UNC Charlotte ID or Name (format: Last Name, First Name) of the Postdoctoral Fellow Appointee who is is requesting or denying health insurance coverage and press the TAB key.
  3. The information will pre-populate in the Postdoctoral Fellow Appointee Details section.

    Note: The Primary Phone, Secondary Phone, Address, City, State, and Zipcode information are editable while the Email, Date of Birth, and Gender must be updated in Banner.

  4. In the the Period of Appointment section, enter the Start Date and End Date by typing the date in MM/DD/YYYY format or selecting the date from the calendar option that will display, as shown below:
  5. Select Request Health Insurance Coverage or Decline Health Insurance Coverage in the Certification section, as appropriate.
  6. Attach any supporting documentation using the button.
  7. Click the  button to complete the e-Form.
  8. Workflow Processors will be able to view, process, and archive submissions.

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