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This document provides general instructions on how to complete Grant Fund Creation form workflow processing. 

System Access Restrictions

The ability to view items and complete actions within Perceptive Content is restricted based on approved system security access.  An FAQ on requesting access updates is available here.  Questions regarding which security group(s) will provide the access needed can be directed to

Notification of Document Pending Review

1.The Post Award Research Specialists will receive an email that there are documents in the RED GFC Approver Review workflow queue, as shown in the Test example below:

Workflow Processing

1.  Open a browser and go to

2.  The Login screen will display, as shown below: 


3.  Enter your NinerNET credentials and press the Log In button.

4.  Once logged into the application, a screen will display all Experience Content Apps on the main Home page.

5.  Click on the Workflow Content App from the Home screen.

6.  Once in Workflow, select  beside the RED Grant Fund Creation workflow listing to view the available queues and then click on the RED GFC Approver Review workflow queue.

7.  A list of documents will display, as shown below: 

8.  To view a document, click on the line item and the document will display as shown below.  If the listing does not appear, click the button to refresh the view.

9.  Perform your due diligence.

10.  If corrections are required, enter information regarding the required correction in the document Notes field.  This information will be included in the email sent to the initiator.  

11.  Click the Route Forward icon at the top of the screen and select from the dropdown to process the access request.

a.  Select RED GFC Corrections if updates are required.  This will route the document to the RED GFC Corrections queue where it will be stored for reference for 30 days and then automatically deleted.  The system will automatically add "Returned for corrections." to the document Notes field.  The value in the document Notes field will be included in a notification email that is sent to the initiator.  The Post Award Specialist will be copied on the email notification.

b.  Select RED GFC Pending Delete to route the document to the RED GFC Pending Delete queue where it will be automatically deleted after 7 days.  No notification email will be sent to the initiator.

c.  Select RED GFC Approve to route the document for posting to Banner.  An email notification will be sent to the initiator with and copied.  This email should be retained in the electronic grant folder.  The budget can now be entered in Banner and research system modifications/communications can occur.

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