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This document provides instructions on how to complete Financial Certification workflow review and approval.

System Access Restrictions

The ability to view items and complete actions within Perceptive Content is restricted based on approved system security access.  An FAQ on requesting access updates is available here.  Questions regarding which security group(s) will provide the access needed can be directed to

Notification of Document Pending Review

The International Student Scholar Office (ISSO) processors will receive an email that there are documents in the ISSO Evaluation Processing workflow queue, as shown in the Test example below:

Financial Certification Approval/Denial

1.  Open a browser and go to

2.  The Login screen will display, as shown below: 


3.  Enter your NinerNET credentials and press the Log In button.

4.  Once logged into the application, a screen will display all Experience Content Apps on the main Home page.

5.  Click on the Workflow Content App from the Home screen.

6.  Once in Workflow, select  beside the ISSO Financial Certification Process workflow listing to view the available queues and then click on the ISSO Evaluation Processing workflow queue.

7.  A list of folders will display, as shown below: 

8.  To view a folder, click on the line item and the document list will display as shown below.

9.  Perform your due diligence.  Each individual document can be viewed by single clicking to open it.  After viewing a document, use the listing on the left side of the screen to navigate to other documents or to the top folder view.

Refresh Profile Option Available

While viewing the ISSO_Evaluation_Form, the Student Information section can be refreshed with current Banner information by clicking the Refresh Profile link in the top right corner of the form.

10.  The ISSO processor can update other fields on the ISSO_Evaluation_Form if needed (these fields are highlighted in green).  After any required updates are complete, click in the top left corner to save your changes.

  • Click the Current visa type field and select the appropriate visa type. This visa type will be sent to Banner for update.
  • Click the Intended visa type field and select the appropriate visa type. If both current and intended are listed on live form, ONLY this visa type will be sent to Banner.
  • Click the mailing address for the I-20/DS-2019 form field and select the appropriate mailing address type.
  • Enter the Name of Person Picking Up I-20.
  • If a student submitted insufficient information, an email can be sent to the student by selecting from the Email Templates and clicking the SEND EMAIL button.
  • Enter Additional Comments.

11.  After the review is complete, navigate to the top folder view and in the Custom Properties for the folder update the ISSO DECISION by selecting either Approved or Denied in the dropdown.  


If an Email Template was used to send a notification to the student then the ISSO DECISION field will already be updated to Incomplete and an email log will have been added to that document.  The ISSO DECISION should be updated to Approved or Denied prior to routing.

12.  Click the Route Forward icon at the top of the screen and select ISSO Ready to Archive from the dropdown to process the access request.

Returned Items

If the ISSO Decision status is Pending Review or Incomplete, the folder will be routed back to the ISSO Evaluation Processing workflow queue for additional processing.  The folder will be highlight in blue in the workflow queue.

Next Steps

A notification email will be sent to the initiator and the person for whom the access request was submitted informing them of approval or denial.

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