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Navigate to the location where you saved the Virtual Machines OVA file. 

Right click on the file and select Open with VMware Workstation

A dialog will pop up. Select VMware Workstation

This will open VMware Workstation with an Import Virtual Machine Dialog

Note: This step may throw an error stating the VM does not meet requirements. Ignore this error and click Retry. It should begin importing the second time.

VMware workstation will begin importing the VM

Once complete the VM will show up in your library in pane on the left.

Next Select Edit virtual machine settings

In the dialog that pops up under the Hardware tab make sure Virtualize Intel VT-x/EPT or AMD-V/RVI is check in the Virtualization engine section under Processors.

If all the settings look correct select Power on this virtual machine


Once the VM has started up you can interact with it as if it were a standard desktop

For ease of use it is reccomended users enable Autofit Guest under View > Autosize


This will allow the VM to automatically change resolution when you resize the window or select fullscreen mode

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