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  1. Q. Am I required to have an internship to graduate with a BA or BS in Computer Science?

    A. No.  An internship or other experiential learning (i.e. undergraduate research, community services) is highly recommended, but not currently required for the major.

  2. Q. Where can I find out more about internships for CS students? 

    A. Internships posted through UNC Charlotte are listed on Hire a Niner (www.hireaniner.uncc.edu).  Also, pay attention to weekly e-mail messages from CCI's Business Partners Program.

  3. Q. Are there detailed instructions about applying for jobs and internships?

    A. The CCI Internship Strategies video on the UNCC CCI Youtube channel is very informative about applying for jobs and internships. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE84f7ad7D5E_Y0bFWeoV7A

  4. Q. Can I get college credit for my internship?

    A. It is possible to earn 3.0 academic credit for your internship by completing UCOL 3410 during the semester for which you participate in the internship. You must receive approval for UCOL 3410 before you begin your internship. You should consult your primary advisor and/or Degree Works regarding the need for the credit.

  5. Q. How do I register for UCOL 3410 if I have chosen to take it?

    A. The process to submit a request for UCOL 3410 is outlined here.

  6. Q. Will my internship count for the Capstone course requirement?

    A. No.

  7. Q. Will UCOL 3410 count as a concentration technical elective?

    Q. If the job description that you submit as part of your UCOL 3410 application clearly indicates that your internship is a technical one in computing, the college may authorize UCOL 3410 to substitute for a concentration technical elective.